13 janvier 2016

My love for Africa started when I was a little girl. With a song moving the purest part of mine, my child’s heart. And I’ve been making up my world, I’ve been painting it with gold. Not old enough to make it true. And I’ve been making up my dreams, filled them with oil skies, aquarel rivers and golden mounts. From the remote reaches of the luminous capes of South Africa, to the shadows of the rainy, abundant forests of the Congo Basin, through the unpredictable cracked, dry and suddenly nourishing earth of Okavango – my mind wandered. This heart of mine was made to travel the soil of the star-crossed continent. This wild, ruthless and violent land where life and death come together as one. Where happiness and fate hold the same wild and unfair spirit. The cradle of Humanity. The cradle of our destinies. My dreams were floating inside, burning inside, so I ran wild to see what it turned out to be. The passion, love and rage brought me there. I trod upon the beloved land and knew I would never come back the same. And from this precious day, I’ve kept on striving for the land that brought me back to life, the last Eden on Earth, my dearest Africa.




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  • Reply Marie Stinson 20 janvier 2016 at 10 h 46 min

    Je t’adore, et je suis obligée de mettre « SAGA AFRICA … J’ai envie de danser COMME TOI »

    • Reply Macadam'Tulip' 21 janvier 2016 at 22 h 44 min

      A ce message j’ai envie de répondre « ooooh » pour la première partie, et « ahahah » pour la seconde. Sacrée Marie…

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